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Armed and Unarmed Security Services

"Our mission is to create a safe and secure  environment for everyone, everything, everywhere in the world, by supporting our fellow troops who served to protect our way of life in the armed forces. Our mission is to provide protection and security to our clients through a bespoke service tailored to their specific needs, ultimately the safety and security of the client’s staff, premises, assets and the general public is our highest priority."

Our Services

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Residential Security

Residential communities are often at risk of vandalism, burglary and general crime.  Residential Security Guard services typically consist of foot patrol services.

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Commercial Security

Many commercial properties have security cameras as part of their building security systems. However, the most secure buildings are those protected by a Security Guard.

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Event Security

Festivals, sporting events, corporate functions, concerts, houses of worship, fundraising, trade shows and more. Waisman Security provides services that reduce liability and maintain safety and security.

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Executive Security

Waisman Security has a team of highly qualified security guards who understand that Executive Protection is so much more than just hiring any old officer. For full protection you’ll want a highly trained, experienced and dedicated security company to guarantee your safety. 

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About Us

Waisman Security is a Veteran-owned and operated private security company that was founded by Saar Waisman. Our number one priority is the safety, security, and peace of mind of our clients. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality service, supported by exceptional officers. Personal and community safety are a major focus in the world today. At Waisman Security we believe in deploying effective preventative measures to deter crime and unwelcome media attention before an issue arises. We offer a wide-range of protective services so that you, in conjunction with our staff can choose what will work best for your specific function, community, or personal needs. We also pride ourselves in operating our own security school and licensing system.

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